Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

 Photo unload about to happen. We had a very nice Christmas filled with 25 Days of Awesome-ness for Michael and myself to enjoy. Time was also spent with dear friends and family in the celebration. There was lots of hot chocolate, eggnog in sugar-encrusted glasses, cookie decorating, seeing reindeer and ice sculptures at Thanksgiving Point, admiring the pretty lights and decorations around us, and, of course, window shopping at City Creek, with a stroll through Temple Square. 

Loved seeing Michael and Natalie Rougeau when they came for a visit. Although, wish we could've spent more time with them. I foresee some strictly sibling fun in the years to come, because once a year is just not enough! They are cute and perfect for each other. It makes me happy to see them happy when I am also so happily matched myself (paraphrase from Jane Austen's Emma)!

 Model walk.

 I think it was safe to say that Nat, that Southern girl, was a bit cold here in Utah. :)

 Our beautiful Christmas tree. Not real this year, but hopefully next year will turn out. We do not need a repeat of the ugly tree excursion of 2012. Gives me the willies just thinking about it. ;)

 Keeping France always close to our hearts.

Made a bunch of these ornaments for my family members and myself. Different colors and seashells to reflect each family. They are a bit of Florida, back in Utah. Still need to put a picture in ours!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Here's our Christmas card so all can enjoy, especially to those we weren't able to mail a copy to this year!

We really do love all of our dear friends and family and are grateful for the support we are constantly given, especially through this year of BIG changes and adventures. 

We've enjoyed moving to Tallahassee and back to Utah, driving cross-country with a U-haul trailer both trips. As a result, Michael's become VERY skilled at car repairs. We've also been grateful to be completely finished with schooling as I finished my music therapy internship with Big Bend Hospice in Tallahassee, FL. And after that, I studied for and passed my board certification exam to officially become an MT-BC! 

We also searched for and bought our very first home! That has brought all sorts of fun projects to be done and dreams to be fulfilled in the coming years. We have BIG plans for this house and are totally in love with being in our own space that we can alter to our taste and needs. We love our neighborhood and ward and are happy. That's all we can ask for. It's a pretty great life. 

Right now, the snow is falling softly outside in big, fluffy flakes. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 08, 2012


 I've been enjoying making our new home festive for the Christmas holidays. It really is so fun having a fireplace mantel and a bunch of little places in the home that I can decorate. That said, we're keeping it pretty simple this year. Not a lot of Christmas decorations or purchases have been made, seeing as we just moved and have lots of "settling in" to do.

But, I did catch some really great Black Friday sales. And luckily, the things that we were interested in weren't "hot ticket" items, so going out when it was still dark outside didn't have to happen this year. And for that, I was grateful! And I was also a much happier customer!

I got a really great deal at Joann's on berry garland. Weave three strands together, secure with a little thread, and you get the pretty wreath in the pictures above. I love how it turned out!

I also brought back these paper ornaments this year. I really love them so much because they are incredibly easy to make and look so pretty. Each one comes out uniquely different. And they twirl all around throughout the day! Inspiration from Design Sponge.

These paper bags are part of something special I'm doing for Michael. I call it Michael's "25 Days of Christmas". A different bag filled with candy, activities, coupons, etc. for each day of December until Christmas Day. My friend Dani came up with idea for her husband and I decided I wanted to do it for mine. It's been fun planning everything, making the cards, and surprising Michael each day with something different! Michael seems to really be enjoying himself with all this special attention. And he deserves it, with all the hard work he does and how he takes care of our family. He's pretty great, if you ask me.

I'll have to post pictures of our tree and tell the funny story revolving around that. Life is good and fun right now. We're just basking in the snow that fell today, and enjoying the fire Michael made in our fireplace. Perfect day!