Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DIY: Curtains from a Bedsheet

 The little half bath that we have off our master bedroom, which turns out to be "my" bathroom to get ready in each morning, was in desperate need of some curtains as the window faces full east and I get blinded every morning with all the sunshine coming in while I'm getting ready at the mirror. I've been looking for some curtains to put up that were light and would still let the sunshine in, but in a muted sense. Curtains are always SO expensive, so when I was at IKEA the other day, I found a flat bedsheet reduced at a seriously cheap price in their "AS-IS" section and knew I could make some curtains out of it.

 We'll eventually get some frames built around the windows in the house, but for now, the foam is exposed from the new windows being put in and us having to remove some ugly tile on the bottom lip of each window.

 It's hard to get a good angle in the bathroom because it so SO small with only a toilet and sink in there, so I had to improvise a bit and use the mirror for a picture. Also, the lighting is not the best with me taking a picture of the only natural light source in the bathroom. But, you get the idea. :)

 I really like the stripes that are a bit of a light yellow/tan color. They are delicately pretty and let the light in quite nicely, sans blinding. 

All I have left to do is make some little tiebacks with the leftover fabric, so I can pull the drapes to the side when wanted. Really easy (and cheap) project though, and I had fun pulling my sewing machine out after a bit of a hiatus.