Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AGM 2009 in Puerto Rico!

So, Michael and I were able to travel to Puerto Rico for his work's Annual General Meeting (AGM) last week. His office paid for our flights, most of our food, and for a 4 day-3 night stay at the Ritz-Carlton of San Juan! We are so lucky that Michael is working for such a company! Although it rained every day we were there, we were able to still play on the beach and get some sun in the pool while playing and enjoying all the luxuries and fun of being in Puerto Rico! Following are many pictures from all our good times, from parties to a tour of historic San Juan!

I was able to meet the company mascot and score a sweet picture with him!

Nightime fun on the beach...

The decorations were extensive and extravagant!

All the salt water made for an easy way to practice my hair designing skills on Michael.

We got all dolled up for a cocktail party/adults dinner at which we drank this amazing fruit punch and ate surf and turf followed by an assortment of exotic desserts. It was great!

On our last day in San Juan, we took a tour of a historic "castle" which was a major defense for the territory from water attack. It was rather windy when we arrived and there were people all around flying kites in the perfect weather!

This was inside a lookout onto the sea, the camera took the picture in a greenish tone because of the lack of light. I thought it was kinda spooky.

This was where the servants and soldiers used to eat, sleep, and spend time when they were not on patrol. You can see the 3 ovens where they used to cook their food.

Like a true guy, Michael found the cannons fascinating. Anything that goes "boom" is always entertaining!

We had many entertainers for our dinner in town, such as singing groups, dancers, and people dressed up in various outfits and standing on stilts!

They roasted pig for our dinner...on a spit!

We were sunburned and exhausted from all the fun we were having!

It was such a wonderful trip, and I'm glad that Michael and I were able to go and begin our marriage by exploring different areas of the country and world. I hope that this will be only the beginning of many adventures in which we travel and learn more about the world over the years!


  1. I love your photos, captions and the stories in general. I'm so glad you have this to keep everyone up-to-date with your lives. You both look so good and happy, and I love you both!


  2. How fun! I'm glad that you decided to get married before Puerto Rico! So some day I will have to tell you about all the things that went wrong as I tried to send an internship application.

  3. Wow great photos! How cool is it that you have gotten to travel so much during the first few weeks of your marriage? I'm so glad to see that you are this happy. Enjoy establishing your new home together, it is just so much fun! :)