Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Reupholstering Fun!

Michael and I took it upon ourselves to reupholster our 5 dining room chairs as a project last Friday. The dining set was given to us by Michael's parents and frankly, the cushions were in serious need of some TLC. The old and outdated blue/tan/cream burlap fabric was in need of changing and the "cushion" part basically consisted of about 1/8 inch of foam worn down over the years of good use. So, we decided it was time for an update and that is what we spent our afternoon doing! Michael's mother had some coupons for Joann's, where the foam was 50% off and the outdoor canvas fabric we purchased was on sale too! [We liked the outdoor strength fabric because we figure it will hold up to all sorts of conditions such as spills or normal wear and tear better than anything else.] Here are pictures of the finished product....

They look like 5 brand new chairs, don't they?

We bought 2 inch foam that is so comfy, and now when we sit on the chairs, our bottoms don't hit just plain wood!

We love the cream, black, and gold plaid as it fits perfectly in our kitchen scheme of blue and yellow. What a warm and perfect accent to our home!

I have to comment on the creases, don't they look nice? Michael and I debated and played with the fabric for a while, trying to decide if we wanted to show creases or not. In the end, these were so beautiful and classy, we decided these straight lined creases were the way to go!

It was a fun and fulfilling experience for the both of us as we worked side by side, cutting and stapling, cleaning, and folding. I love that Michael and I enjoy doing all sorts of things together, especially making our apartment feel like a home. Michael told me the other day that he feels more "at home" in this apartment than he ever did in all his college apartments. It makes me happy that he appreciates the little things I do everyday. I am definitely proud of all his hard work and travel that he does 5 days a week to support us and provide our new family with the things we need to have a comfortable life. We learned a lot from this experience and now are so proud to show off our skills. Granted, the cushions are not perfect, but we love them :)

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