Friday, November 13, 2009

Date Night and Quiche Lorraine

For our usual Friday date night, Michael and I decided to check out the night life in Ogden. We heard there was supposed to be this cool Art Show/Music scene on Historic 25th street and it actually turned out to be a bust. But, we decided to walk up and down the street then peruse the trains at Union Station, where we took our engagement pictures.

The wheels on the old steam engine were 6 feet tall. I couldn't even hope to reach their height!

We ate the best home-cooked Italian meal at this restaurant. Michael and I remembered the wonderful smell wafting down the street as we walked around taking our engagement pictures. We knew it was only a matter of time before we HAD to go and sample the goodness.

The sweetest little Italian woman and her husband own the restaurant and have since they moved from Naples years ago. We ordered the Tour of Italy for two which consisted of Chicken Parmesan, Meat Calzone, and Pasta with Alfredo Sauce. The breading on the Chicken Parmesan was light and crispy and the Alfredo sauce was phenomenal. We will surely be returning in the future, NEAR future I hope!

The other night we made Quiche Lorraine. The crust was made from scratch and was flaky and buttery. And the rest of the wonderfulness was, well, wonderful. We will surely be making this recipe again, thanks to Betty Crocker!

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