Monday, December 07, 2009

Finals Week

STAT 1040 - Monday
Social Psych - Tuesday
Practicum - Tuesday
Vocal Jury - Wednesday
Music History 2 - Thursday (7:30 am!!!)

And there you have my week of finals. Did I mention that my Practicum Final Report for this semester was due last week and was almost 100 pages? They are trying to kill us/prepare us for internship and real life as a music therapist. Sometimes I just feel it's the former.

Anywho, the party will start as soon as that crazy early final is over on Thursday! Good luck to anybody else who's experiencing the lack of sleep, nail biting, and crazy finals grunge!


  1. Ah man, I feel your pain. I'm so sorry. I don't think that I can ever go back to school. Good luck.

  2. I may be crazy, but I wish it were finals week for us!! good job on finishing your 100,000 page paper. I'm in the middle of finishing up all the projects myself... I'm actually looking forward to finals next week!

  3. Thanks Em! The sad thing about the paper is that it's not a "one-time" deal. We do it every semester we are in practicum, which is three times now! Crazy, but fun. Gotta love it. Good luck on all your finals and projects too!