Thursday, February 11, 2010

We need your opinions.

We are participating in a "friendly" Iron Chef Cook-off in a couple of weekends. We must prepare three dishes to be judged. There are "secret" ingredients for each dish. The appetizer must include spinach, the main course pineapple and carrot, and the dessert cream cheese. We have some pretty good ideas for what we want to prepare, but don't want to reveal them here as there are some who may be watching... ;)

Do you have any suggestions of interesting and special recipes that we could prepare for this competition? Keep in mind that in Iron Chef, the goal for each dish is to highlight the "secret" ingredient and make sure that it is at the forefront of flavor. (Did you like that alliteration?) We'd love to have your input and may even name a dish after you if we choose to use it in our arsenal of recipes to squash the competition!


  1. Not sure about the appetizer... But for the main course, how you can use pineapple... Lance and I make broiled salmon, and then a citrus salsa to go on top (pineapple, mandarin oranges, mint leaves, red onion and red pepper flakes). As for the dessert. I would suggest Oreo truffles. You mash up oreos with a package of cream cheese, roll them into balls and freeze for a few minutes, then dip them in chocolate. The recipe is on Good luck! Let me know if you want the salmon recipe, and I think that after the competition you should post your recipes! :)

  2. Thanks Brianne! I actually thought about truffles. And bakerella is one of my favs. That lady is genius!

  3. I would for sure NOT do cheesecake. I bet lots of people do that. Spinach appetizer... I recall seeing some kind of spinach suflee (sp?) baked in philo dough once... looked tastey. I'll see if I can find anything for ya on that. Main dish... I liked the previous example with the pinapple salsa.