Wednesday, June 02, 2010

1st Year Anniversary Events

Michael and I started off our 1st year anniversary by going to the temple to perform sealings. It was beautiful and a wonderful way to celebrate and remember that special moment when we were married in the Logan temple for time and all eternity!


After the temple, we made good use of our gift card to Smokin' Blues BBQ and went to dinner!

We had fried pickles for an appetizer...

And I ordered the Brisket with baked beans on the side. Mouthwatering. Those baked beans were legitimately southern.

Michael ordered the trio of pulled pork, brisket, and ribs, with mac&cheese and sweet potato fries on the side. Yum yum.

Interesting story #1 When we sat down at our table, a lady with a microphone and a cameraman asked if we would like to be a part of a commercial they were filming for the new restaurant. We said sure! I think they were excited that we were there for our anniversary, which makes for a good selling point to the restaurant, that people can come there for everything. Anyway, they filmed us, at a BBQ restaurant, a place where you expect to get messy, while we were both in Sunday dress. Michael in white shirt and tie, and I in a dress and pearls. Paints an interesting picture. They gave us a coupon for a free cobbler, which we ordered that same night. It was REALLY good.

Interesting story #2: The owner of the restaurant came around to our table and asked if everything was okay and we, of course, said yes. I then talked with him about my upbringing in Louisiana and how the BBQ really had an authentic southern taste to it. He was glad to hear it and walked away. Not a minute later, did he come out of the kitchen with a small serving of Jambalaya! It was a special that night and since I was a truly from Cajun country, he wanted me to try it and give my opinion. How fun! We talked about how it could be more spicy, but most people out here can't handle as much heat as southerners do. All in all, it smelled and tasted like Jambalaya, but I'll humbly state that mine is much better. :)
The restaurant has quite the large selection of root beer and I ordered one, but couldn't finish it at the restaurant, so I brought it home. Michael had to take a picture!


The night was late, so we relaxed and watched a movie, saving our cake topper for the next day.

Isn't it beautiful? I'd forgotten how much I LOVED this cake until I saw it again.

With fresh hydrangeas on it, this was the cake of my dreams. I wouldn't have changed a single thing.

The cake was still very moist and the buttercream icing very rich.

Enjoying our slices of cake...

And after our reenactment of the classic shoving of cake in face from our wedding reception. Definitely NOT as bad as a year ago. It was fun though!

All in all, we are just as much, if not MORE in love after a year of marriage than we were the day of our wedding. Things are good and we are looking forward to another year of excitement and possibilities. Can't imagine anything better than going through life with each other. :)

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