Tuesday, November 01, 2011

DIY: Corkboard Jewelry Hanger

 Since moving to Tallahassee, we've been pretty busy and creative here at the Black household. We couldn't bring all our furniture with us, so we've improvised quite a bit to make everything work. This DIY project is a perfect example of what we've been up to.

I've recently been trying to get back into the accessorizing world, and my mother bought me a bunch of jewelry for my birthday, but I had no cute way to store or display it! I knew I didn't want to buy some jewelry box where everything was hidden, and I knew that we had some extra wall space in our bedroom, so through some inspiration from Pinterest, I set out to find materials to make my own jewelry organizer/hanger.

I first went to Goodwill, looking for an old frame, which I was planning on filling with square corkboard, then painting. No good frame in sight, I stumbled upon a large circular corkboard, with hanger already built into the back. It was painted some very pre-teen flowery pink and green on the front, so I knew I'd have to cover that up.

Michael and I then went to Jo-Ann's and found a couple different kinds of fabric remnants, which were on sale for 50% off their original prices. Sweet! I liked the layering of the fabrics because one was a silky teal, and the other was a sheer white with little sequin-type sparkles all over (you can see them in the picture above). Just glitz and glam enough for my jewelry to be displayed well without being taken over by a huge print or anything.

Here I am working on it that night in the kitchen. I needed the hard tile floor to hammer in all the thumb tacks. Now, I would've used a staple gun if we had one, but seeing as we don't, thumb tacks were the next best thing. And they looked pretty cute once all hammered in. I was kinda sad I couldn't have them on the front. Oh well!

 Hammering process. Didn't take me too long. I trimmed the excess fabric from around the edges, so it wouldn't hang funny and that's it!

And just so you know, I cleaned the corkboard with a 50/50 solution of bleach and water and allowed it to dry, before starting the crafty part. I wanted to kill any grossness that might be on there, considering you never exactly know where things come from when you get them at Goodwill!

 And the finished product. I used clear push pins to hang all the jewelry, and everything is very secure. I love how it looks like its own piece of artwork!

 Nice bit of bling, huh? With all the materials, this entire project cost me less than $10 to make! I'd say that's a pretty good deal. And I even have leftover fabric for some other crafty project. Not sure what'll come of that...guess we'll have to wait and see. :)

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