Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello, Hello

Guess I better give another update seeing as it's almost been a month since my last one. What have we been doing? Well, if that picture gives you any clue, we are pretty much obsessed with Gnomeo and Juliet and either watch it, quote it, or joke about it at least once a week. Thank you Netflix Instant Streaming!

Our time as of late has been filled with getting to know more friends in our ward, playing with babies, sampling the food at local restaurants, attempting to run on a semi-regular basis, and playing with local "frienterns" (as we are so called at our internship).

We had a French night recently, filled with crepes, quiche, baguette and cheese, and a watching of the amazing Le Roi Soleil. 

We've been missing our family and friends in Utah and have pretty much decided that we'd like to move back there after my internship is over. First off, the weather here is hot and humid and we haven't even gotten in to Spring or Summer yet! Seriously, there were a couple nights last week that neither Michael nor I could sleep very well because everything was wet in our apartment. We'd experience wet cold, then wet hot. Yuck! Also, we just can't imagine starting the new "grown up" phase of our lives without family nearby. That really is the most important thing. 

We've been dreaming/scheming about buying our first home! I check for updates on homes for sale at least once a week. We're hopeful to find something during this year of 2012. 

Internship is going well and is super busy as usual. I'm just a week or so away from the halfway mark. My caseload increased a lot a couple weeks ago and I kinda almost had a major freakout, but then things leveled off and I'm really feeling like I know what I'm doing here. It's nice to just get in a normal rhythm and really enjoy and focus on patient visits, which is the most important thing. I'm not so worried about documentation as it comes more naturally now. My biggest task ahead is prepping for my midterm evaluation which requires 25 memorized songs, 2 books read with reports, a clinical report for Utah State, and a plan for the 2 major projects that I have due at the end of internship. Lots of work, but goodness nonetheless.

Other than that, we're just putting along as usual. Enjoying life and coming upon our 3rd anniversary. Has it really been that long? I can honestly say that we are just as silly and happy as we were the first day of marriage. It's a good life we have!

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  1. Great update! I'm glad that things are going well - weather aside.