Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crawfish Reunited

 I had the blessing of being able to eat some crawfish while Michael and I were in Louisiana a couple weekends ago. Boy, did it taste good after not having any for just short of 7 years!

We were also able to stay with my dearest best friend from high school, Heather. She has a cute little apartment in downtown Alexandria and I loved being able to spend time catching up with her as usual. She tried her first crawfish that night. I know, she grew up in LA, but has never had the desire...until now ;) She actually liked it!

See that happy face? I love me some crawfish!

More pictures and info about our trip to come soon.


  1. Had it really been 7 years since your last crawfish boil??? Because I'm pretty sure we had crawfish together before you moved to Utah! Holy smokes, where has the time gone. Nothing hits the spot like good crawfish. Hope you burned your tongue and your fingers and sucked the heads and enjoyed every minute of it :)

    1. Oops, it's been almost 6 actually. I left in 2006, not 2005. And you're right the last time I had crawfish we were together at the Institute Crawfish Boil! How time does fly! :)

  2. I must admit - I'm a little hesitant about the crawfish thing! However, if you enjoyed it... I'm sure its wonderful. (Although, the comment above about the sucking the heads thing makes me a little queasy.) Happy Sunday!

  3. Surely you had it just six years ago right before we moved, but it's still been a long time. Also, you've had it in other forms, such as etoufee at Brad's house on several occasions. Where is this? Robbie G's?