Sunday, April 22, 2012

St. George Island, FL

Last weekend, Michael and I headed down to St. George Island, FL to spend time at the beach. It was our last weekend together before Michael moved back to Utah to start his new job with Intermountain Healthcare. Yay for new awesome job, but sad that we're apart from each other for a month. I know, it's actually less than a month, but I'm going to miss my man!

Isn't he cute standing on the white sandy beaches? I can't tell you how long it's been since I've been to the beach. I missed the sounds, scenery (and yes, Michael is most definitely included in that), and the smell!

Please disregard my tan line starting at the knees. I need to start wearing higher running shorts.

The superb sandcastle we built with a mote that could withstand the waves. Took a a good 30 minutes to dig it out and sculpt the magnificence. 

See how that mote is perfectly designed against the waves? much fun!

I collected quite a few seashells, which I have grand plans for this Christmas. Let's just say they will be a little keepsake of our time here in Florida!

On our drive, we passed the BBH office in Carabelle. I had no idea that it was a mere 5 minutes from the beach. Man, if I worked down there, I know that I would spend my lunch breaks basking in the sun and sand. Sounds pretty great to me!

To finish off our evening, we found a local restaurant called Captain Snook's, where we filled ourselves with fried gator (Michael's first time), fish and chips, and the amazing pasta you see before you.

It was filled with shrimp, scallops, roasted and fresh red peppers in a basil cream sauce. Pretty good, but I have a mind to make this recipe at home and give it a little "Rebecca" flair. A few tweaks and this pasta will be amazing!

All in all a great weekend and time at the beach to get a little sun. Us pasty kids needed it. And now Michael is on a plane headed back to start his new job on Monday. He'll fly back for my last and final Friday, then we'll pack up on Saturday, and hopefully begin our trek back to Utah that Sunday. It's all planned, now all we have to do is just count the days down to when our new phase of life begins. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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