Monday, June 11, 2012

The Rougeau Estate

Back in March, my brother and I (and our spouses) had a little photo shoot at the Rougeau Estate. We wanted to have some pictures to remember where not only we grew up, but where my dad and his 8 other siblings were reared as well.  So we asked the wonderful and talented Jane Huddleston of Janie Pie Photography, who also happens to be the sister of my brother's wife, to take some photos for us.

It was a beautiful day as we walked around the land, sharing memories of running around the yard and exploring the woods during our childhood. I must give credit to my brother, who's smart idea this was to have a photo shoot. Now our memories can be forever saved in picture.

The original Rougeau home where my dad was born and raised.

Just next door, the house that my parents built together and where my brother and I grew up. Similar to the other home?

The Blacks (Michael, Rebecca) and the Rougeaus (Michael, Natalie)

This is an old barn on the property. Notice the "Rougeau" cattle brand on the door. 

Natalie really is so pretty.

The old "700" mailbox. Apparently, when my dad put up the first mailbox at the house, some bored and juvenile teenage boys came by and wreaked havoc on it. Poor dad, he had spent so much time putting it together, then it was destroyed. This particular one has lasted for years and I can recall every morning my dad waking up before light to walk to the mailbox to get the paper.

Do you like my ninja-style booty kick move?

The old Mazda truck. My dad drove that for years and my brother actually drove it to high school. I can remember, as a child, sitting in the middle right next to my dad and falling asleep on his shoulder as we'd drive home. Ask anyone who knew my dad, that truck is a Thorsell icon. 

Just another way to memorialize my dad and his heritage. As we were going through items in his old roll-top desk (which is now here in Utah, waiting to be put into mine and Michael's future home), we found lots of fun old documents and pictures. I'll have to share some of them when we open the desk again. Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my family and childhood.


  1. I did enjoy this little glimpse into your childhood! Thanks for sharing. I will always find Louisiana simply charming and beautiful. I'm so glad Natalie decided to marry a Rougeau!

  2. Becca,

    This is awesome! Heritage is so amazing to understand. I'm so glad y'all were able to capture these great moments and allow us into your childhood.