Monday, September 10, 2012

Herm's Inn

While visiting with my mother on Saturday, we popped into this adorable "new" restaurant in Logan, called Herm's Inn. It used to be an old service station on the edge of town, right before you would drive into Logan canyon (or come out of it). Apparently, the building had been sitting vacant and dormant for 70 years before somebody decided to purchase it and turn it into a cute little breakfast/brunch place!

 I just loved all the architecture and design. Everything had nods to the old history of the place. Lots of metal and wood. The fixtures were even industrial with vintage style light bulbs.

 They took great care to preserve as much original features as possible, including these window panes. Don't you just love the look of the wood against those chandeliers?

 Thank you Frankie. He serenaded me from above the fireplace.

 The entire menu made me salivate. It was really difficult to decide what to order (seriously, I took like 10 minutes). I eventually decided on the "Aggie" omelette. Loved the nod to USU and Aggie country. Also, seeing as we had just beat the U the night before!

On to the omelette. It was filled with bleu cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and spinach (which I requested they add). Loved the pungency of the bleu cheese alongside the other ingredients. Nice side of home fries and a pancake that had a bit of lemon flavor to it. Paired with the in-house made syrup, the pancake blew me away and I have now vowed to try citrus in my pancake batter!

What a cute little place. I love it when people take old landmarks and resurrect them to something special as a way of remembering their greatness and history. It was a fun little place to have breakfast and I'm certainly going back in the future. There is a giant cream cheese frosted cinnamon roll and a big bowl of homemade jalapeno bacon macaroni and cheese waiting for me!

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  1. So glad you loved it! I knew you would appreciate everything about it. It's fun, isn't it?