Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Beginnings

 I thought I'd take the time to share some of the fun facts surrounding our finding out we were pregnant and a few other details from the beginning of this journey.

We found out we were pregnant on May 28, 2013. And if you remember the significance of that date, it just happens to be our anniversary...our 4-year anniversary! We had just started trying in May and I was pretty sure I was pregnant, but wanted to wait until our anniversary to find out. What a happy little reveal for us to find out on an already special day for our family. We found out our family was going to grow!

This is one of the ultrasound pictures from our 10 week appointment, the first appointment where we were able to see our baby and hear the sweet (and appropriately fast) heartbeat. It was wonderful to hear that for the first time and even though Michael and I had been joking about the "alien baby" he had infected me with (as the sickness has sometimes felt that way, lol), we definitely could tell that it was a very tiny human inside me! Although, once I heard the heartbeat, I did say, "It's ALIVE!". Yes, we're weird that way...this baby is going to definitely have a sense of humor of it gets anything from us!

We really like our OB, as she's from Texas, so there is some Southern common ground there, which makes things fun and enjoyable. We talked about gumbo, crawfish, and Cajun food at our appointment (along with many baby-related things too). Apart from that, she is really smart, personable, and informative. She has answered all our questions happily and kindly and I look forward to building a relationship with her as the pregnancy continues on.

All in all, I've been told that I am "super healthy" and everything looks to be perfectly in order with me and the baby, even in these early stages. We shall see how everything grows and develops as time goes on! I'm starting to feel things changing with my body and the sickness is reducing a bit naturally (although, I'm still taking the wonderful prescription for nausea I was given by my OB). Things are wonderful and we're happy!

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