Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{Baby} 19 Weeks

It's almost the halfway point! And I can barely believe it. Next week is the big week, the week where we have our 20-week ultrasound that not only tells us what the gender of the baby will be, but tells us all sorts of other things about him/her. It's the big scan to make sure that our little one is developing properly and healthily. 

We are gearing up for the big news, and I'm especially excited to finally be able to start decorating and putting the nursery together with all things pink or blue. I've been seeing baby sales all over the stores lately and I've had to really hold back from purchasing anything (clothes are the big temptation) because I need to wait to know the gender until I can give in!

I've been feeling much better and have had so much more energy just in last week alone. I actually have started to feel "normal" again, apart from the fact that my belly is growing because the baby is starting to really grow too! And speaking of growth, I'm now on the lookout for some cute maternity clothes. I already scored a few pieces at ROSS a while back and they have come in handy, especially the maternity skinny jeans I bought. Who knew, I would finally join the skinny jean trend and it would be when I am pregnant! 

The weather is finally starting to cool down, so I'm now just trying to stretch my summer clothes until it really gets cool and I can get some warmer maternity clothes. It's not quite sweater weather yet, so I'm holding out until it really gets that way. Have I mentioned this is my favorite time of year? And with how hot this summer was, I am so grateful for some cooler weather, as it helps me sleep better at night and gives me a bit more energy to do some things around (and outside of) the house!

The newest baby development is that I've been able to feel the wee one moving about in my tummy. What an amazing feeling that is. Right now it's more like pressure and I can feel almost a shift when he/she moves around, but I can definitely tell that it's the baby and not gas. Last night, while lying in bed I had this feeling of pressure on the right side of my stomach, almost like the baby was stretching out towards the front of my body. I touched it (it felt hard, like baby was pushing back) and then he/she moved further back and to the other side of my stomach. It made me smile!

Michael and I have been talking to the baby fairly frequently and I wonder that now he/she can hear, what the baby thinks when I'm teaching voice lessons. I'm sure that he/she will be very used to my singing voice by the time our introduction is made outside the womb. My hope is that all this music and singing will start our little one off on the right foot when it comes to a love (and talent) for music! It's never too early to start, right?!?


  1. I vote boy! (I suppose it's not a democracy. Lets see, I... guess... boy!)

    I always wondered what Lydia thought when I was teaching. She heard my loud teacher voice all day every day. It always made me smile and I really think it was a bonding thing. I'm sure your babe loves your voice lessons!

    1. Thanks for the cute comment, Shantel! It's so interesting to wonder what the baby thinks about all the stimulation coming from us as mothers. So much fun!

  2. You are cute as can be!!

    I vote for... girl :) no boy! Oh I can't decide. Eventually you will need at least 2 girls and 2 boys to start a family quartet though ;). No matter what your baby is going to be precious and smart and, of course, talented! Can't wait to see the ultrasound pics!

    1. Oh, Emily! You are always so sweet and kind to me! And you are right, I have to eventually have enough of each gender so I can have family sing-alongs like the Egans do! It has been a dream of mine ever since we first knew each other!