Saturday, February 22, 2014

Meeting Family

Little Baby Jessica has had many visitors since being born. We had a steady stream of people in our home the week following her birth. And, she had some special family visitors in the hospital, including my mom, Michael's parents, and her Aunt Janessa (Michael's sister). We could tell from the very beginning that this was one loved little girl. And she was such a trooper through all the visits, sleeping like a champ. Almost sleeping too much so, that Janessa talked about not seeing her eyes every time she visited. And she didn't get to see her eyes until 2 1/2 weeks after Jessica was born. What can I say, newborns sleep A LOT. And considering she was mostly awake only during feedings those first couple of weeks, not many people were able to see that :)

Her Grandma Marlene. She and Grandpa Randy came to visit the morning after Jessica was born in the hospital.

 Aunt Nessa. Yeah, she's in competition for "coolest" aunt.

 At home visit from Lon and Aunt Jennifer. This was when she was less than 24 hours old. Lon had never seen a baby that "newborn", he told us. 

A visit from Jessica's Aunt Tina and girl cousins, Reagan (7) and Sammy (4). These girls just seem to be enamored of her. I think they're excited to have another girl cousin in the family to level the playing field with the other 3 boys.

We've had many other visitors besides the family ones, but mostly it's been so nice to share our little perfect girl with family. Like I said before, Jessica is VERY loved.

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