Tuesday, March 04, 2014

1 Month...Already?

Baby Jessica and I had a little photo shoot in her crib, to mark her turning 1 month! This was the perfect opportunity to pull out my nice camera and the new and amazing Nifty 50 mm lens Michael bought for me. I'm loving this lens. It is so responsive and takes amazing quality pictures. Much better than the other lenses which came with the camera. What a perfect little subject on which to practice my photography skills !

A little full body perspective to show how small she is. I want to remember this as I compare month to month.

There's almost a little smile on her sweet sleeping face. Her cute hand up by it, just like mommy!

I LOVE this picture. It think it's my favorite one of her right now. So serene. And it shows off her awesome hair in a fauxhawk!

Captured a smile! Albeit, a milky one. 

 There's my little bird.

This could totally be one of those pictures that becomes viral as a meme with various phrases attached to it (please...nobody do that, I wasn't meaning to give people any ideas). I just think it's cute. One eye half open, fist clenched almost like she's pumping it.

Exciting updates:
Jessica graduated from newborn to size 1 diapers.
She is spending much more time awake now.
Still a champion eater, thus she is growing like a weed.
Jessica loves bath time and calms right down in the warm water.
She has peed, pooped, vomited, and spit up all over her mommy.
Getting some really nice fat rolls on her legs and arms...and a double chin!
Jessica is gassy. Poor thing. Mommy is still trying to figure out which part of her diet is causing it.
She has a death grip and will seriously not let go of things once she grabs them. 
Daddy is her favorite to snuggle in the mornings (especially on Saturdays).
Tummy time is exhausting, but generally fun. Jessica has a VERY strong neck already and is always looking around.

Mommy is a little heartbroken that she's growing so fast, but we love our girl and are excited to see her maturing. We can't wait for what each day and month brings!


  1. She is so sweet. That first month flies by so fast - but it is so precious. Beautiful pictures.

    1. She is very very sweet, Shantel. I'm hoping you can meet her soon :) And thank you, I'm loving having my own precious model to practice my photography skills on!

  2. I love all these pictures, but I admit I could be biased! She just gets more precious every day. Kiss her for me!