Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2 months

Ya, our girl is adorable. This post is a little late, seeing as she's over 10 weeks now, but I did take these pictures right as she turned 2 months old. It is really amazing to see how much she has changed in just the last month, and especially since being a newborn. Jessica is growing so quickly and beautifully! We love her more and more and are so happy to be her parents.

 2-month stats:
11.5 lbs (65%ile)
22.12 inches (35%ile)

 She had her shots and was in a bit of a funk for about 4 days after, poor thing. But she is such a good baby, that her "fussiness" really wasn't all that bad. I can't tell you how grateful we are to have such a sweet little girl in our lives. We snuggled on her and I let her comfort nurse as much as she needed until she felt better!

 Fun little photo. I love her big bright eyes!

Exciting updates:
Jessica coos and "talks" to me and Michael a lot and curls her little lips when she's really trying hard to makes sounds.
She smiles all day long and it melts my heart each time she smiles when she sees me.
She is starting to use her little hands more, grasping things (it's not quite intentional yet).
Her gas has improved so much, yay!
Mommy can't eat onions, peppers, chocolate, eggs (solid), foods with preservatives.
Jessica has started to smile at me while nursing, which causes her mouth full of milk to dribble all over the place. It's so cute, but messy!
She is such a great little sleeper. During this 2nd month, Jessica has transitioned from 3 hour shifts at night, to 6, to 8-9.
Jessica LOVES diaper changing time. I've never seen a baby so happy when her diaper is being changed. She smiles and coos the entire time.
If Michael is in the room when she's feeding, she will unlatch and watch him until he leaves her eyesight, and only then will she start nursing again. She loves him so much!

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  1. She is such a cute little girl! I am glad things are going so well for you guys.