Monday, February 23, 2015

1 YEAR OLD {Jessica}

 Hhhwha?!? How did this happen? How did my little squishy, tiny leg rolls, faux-hawk, brand new, pink-smelling baby turn into a 1 Year Old? She's practically a toddler. And yes, I know that I just screamed the blog post title at you (all caps, what can ya do?).

These next two photos were really close to Jessica's face because she wanted to come up and grab my lens. I just kept snapping pictures and even though you can't see her full head, I love the joy and laughter depicted in them!

1 Year Stats:
Weight: 18.63 lbs (11%ile)
Height: 27.01 in (3%ile)
Head Circumference: 17.7 in (42%ile)

Dr. Conover said that Jessica is perfect and growing well, she's just going to be short and tiny like her Mommy! But, her head is cute and round, and the biggest thing about her. We joke that she needs room for that big smart brain to grow!

 This looks like she was sad, but actually she was just incredibly focused on the camera. Hehe.

 I've been realizing that I use the word "fun" about a million times to describe everything that surrounds Jessica. It's very true, life is just so fun right now. And I can't think of a better word describe it. We are having the time of our lives with our girl. She brings pure sunshine and joy into our home and hearts!

 Crazy baby. She decided to put her little mouse finger puppet in her mouth and start crawling around. And then...this picture just happened. Not sure why her eyes got all big and scary at this moment, but this picture is gold. Blackmail gold. 15 years down the road :)

 Isn't this just the most precious "in the moment" photo you've ever seen?

Exciting Updates:
She's "talking" like crazy. Using the new consonants s, g, l, and the "th" sound. And is really into the vowels i and e, along with oo and ah.

Jessica is always pointing at things to show us what she sees and has discovered. This is accompanied by some type of word she's created for that object. We're seeing consistency in "words" and particular objects, even though it all basically sounds like gibberish right now.

Jessica know the sign language for dog, which is sticking your tongue out and panting. Anytime she sees a dog or puppy in a book, in a picture, on the tv, or in real life, she points to it and starts panting. That is, if she's not just squealing and laughing with delight. She loves dogs and any animal, for that matter.

She loves looking out the window in the back door while eating her meals. It's a perfect spot for her to spy on the neighbor's dog and anything else interesting outside. This usually results in long conversations between the two of us about what she sees.

Also related to the backdoor. I will usually tell Jessica when it's close to Daddy coming home and she will lean up against the glass in the back door and stare at the garage until he drives up. Once he opens that side door to the garage and she catches a glimpse of him, she squeals, giggles, and smiles such a big smile because she is so happy to see him. She loves him so much and he absolutely loves this little tradition we've started. Who wouldn't love coming home to such a greeting from the two girls who mean the most to him in the whole world?

Jessica has become my "yoga baby" or "yoga girl". I just recently started doing yoga each morning in the living room through the youtube channel for I love this website and their videos. Seriously, I have learned so much and it makes me grateful to be able to exercise in the comfort of my own home. It has also been great for my flexibility, relaxation, and stress levels. Jessica joins right in with me each morning. She will go over to where I keep the mat rolled up, pull it out (and complain to me if she can't quite get it all by herself), then when I put it in the middle of the room, she will roll it out and sit herself down in the middle, all ready to go! She imitates me quite well through all the poses and does a better downward dog and cobra than I do!

Jessica is pushing and pulling herself to standing more and more everyday. Something that we're pretty sure was a direct result of the benefit of doing yoga with mommy. All that practice doing downward dog really helped her get confident on her feet!

She has started to become even more snuggly, something that makes both Mommy and Daddy very happy. And she's very attached to one fuzzy pink blanket. She has to be wrapped in and hold it while sleeping, nursing, etc. If we put it around her and on our shoulders, she'll lay her head right down and snuggle so close. She usually grabs a corner and rubs her cheek with it as a self-soothing measure. It's the sweetest thing.

Jessica is a pro at drinking from a straw. I didn't realize this is sometimes a later skill to learn, because she's been doing it for months. She loves her straw sippy cups and really drinks very well from them. Which is great, because who couldn't use more hydration?

Jessica has now started wanting to try on my shoes, slippers, flip-flops...anything that goes on my feet she feels should be put on her feet. She'll pull them off my feet, or bring them from across the room, then hand them to me and lift her little leg in the air, ready for me to put them on her feet. And so the diva behavior begins. I can't wait for her to start wanting to play dress-up. Now that is going to be incredibly fun and entertaining!

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