Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Nicole {4 Months}

Well, our sweet little Nicole Victoria has already reached 4 months (passed it by now)! She is just a ray of sunshine and happiness in our family. We love and adore her so much. Nicole definitely belongs here with us and was meant to be part of our family. 

As you'll see from her stats a little further down, she's teeny tiny! About the same height Jessica was at this age, but weighs MUCH less. My mother says she's just like me. And I'm not surprised. She looks so much like I did when I was a baby. Especially all that long, dark hair. Gosh, I LOVE her hair. I'm addicted to it in all its craziness. 

Enjoy the pictures I took the other morning with my girls. Jessica had to join in, like any good big sister would. I really love this sweet family of mine. It may be really crazy around here most days, but it's a good life we lead. 

4-Month Stats
Weight: 11.9 lbs. (10%ile)
Height: 24.11 in. (34%ile)
Head Circumference: 15.5 in. (6%ile)

  • She's rolled over about 4 times from tummy to back and I missed it every single time! Hopefully, I'll catch it soon. She gets onto her side from her back very often and loves to scoot around in circles on her back or scoot forward on her tummy. She's a little mover! 
  • Nicole spits up about as much as her sister did, but her gas has not been anywhere near as severe. Actually, I find that I can eat chocolate (blessing and a curse) and it doesn't bother her. 
  • She's not as good of a sleeper as Jessica, but finally slept 11-12 hours a little before she turned 4 months. That's still quite inconsistent though. Usually she wakes once a night still, and it varies whether she'll fall back asleep on her own, or if I have to go in there and comfort her, then lay her down, or if she needs to nurse. I feel like it has a little something to do with how tiny she is. Tiny tummy, needing to eat more often. Either way, she's cute, and I love her, so it's okay if she wakes in the middle of the night. I'll admit, those snuggles are the best when it's dark, quiet, and just the two of us. 
  • She smiles ALL. the. time. I always comment on how happy she is, and it's true. All you have to do is look at her and she flashes that gummy grin. Which is usually accompanied with a squeal or giggle. She's just delightful to be around.
  • Nicole is very easy going and pretty much lets anyone hold her and snuggle her.
  • Her neck is super ticklish.
  • Beautiful blue blue blue eyes and long long long eyelashes.
  • She likes to "talk" by making a gurgling sound in the back of her throat. Kinda like you do with the german "ich". It's adorable.
  • Nicole watches her sister every chance she gets and I can tell she's learning so much. It just fills me heart when I see them interact together. Jessica will do something to make Nicole giggle, or they'll hold hands while Nicole is on her playmat. Jessica cares so much about her sister, that usually when she hears her wake from a nap, she tells me, then wants to go in her room and climb on the side of the crib to greet Nicole. 
  • She's gone on a nursing strike twice in her life, both coinciding with shots. Luckily, it only lasts about a day and then she's back to her old self. At her 4 month strike, her little legs were hurting so much that she just couldn't find a comfy way to nurse unless I wasn't touching them at all, then I had to contort myself and lean over her in an awkward way for her to be able to eat. It worked! Thank goodness!
  • She's a very distractible baby. Of course, who wouldn't be with all the fun going around in the house? I have to cover her up most times for her to be able to focus in order to nurse!

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