Monday, March 30, 2009

Engagement Photos taken!

Last Saturday Rebecca and I went and had blast having our engagement photos taken. My sister-in-law Mindy is a fantastic photographer and took the photos for us. I love her work and even if we weren't related I would probably still have chosen her to take our photos.

Mindy picked out a very fun area that she knew of up in Ogden, the old Union Station. There were all sorts of retired trains there to climb on and lots of rustic colors to be around. Also in the area are several old businesses with colorful paint jobs. We probably had well over 20 poses and I know Mindy took over 200 photos. I was mostly just happy that we had a break in the weather that we've been having long enough to have a couple of hours to take pictures. The week leading up to last Saturday it had been cold and snowy and then yesterday and all this week we're getting more cold and snowy weather. So it was nice to have just a one day window where it was sunny and warm.

So having the engagement photos out of the way is another big milestone that we've gotten done. Most of the other milestones are planned out too and it's getting to just being a waiting game. Rebecca will have her bridal photos taken in 3 weeks when she has a free Saturday.

Then also our official wedding website has been established! once our photos are finished being developed we'll be able to add more content to the website. Hopefully it will be a useful resource for people to use when it comes to obtaining wedding details.

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  1. wow!! Of the two pictures that I see on the blog, you two are definitely a beautiful couple. I'm so excited for your happy marriage! good luck with all the planning... it's all worth it in the end :)