Wednesday, May 06, 2009

23 days left 'til the BIG DAY!!!

So much has happened since our last post. I finished the semester at USU and survived finals with relative ease. I was super happy to disprove people on their statements regarding the semester of engagement and how classes tend to fall apart, thus resulting in failing a course or acquiring many "C"s. I'm still waiting for my last grade (which will be the final out of 9 classes and 18 credits this semester) to be posted, but let's suffice it to say there are no bad grades or failed classes. Take that ill-sayers!

By the way, I really love being a Utah State Aggie, so I just had to post this. Triumph of completing another semester and only 1 1/2 years left to go until my double major is finished!

Did I mention how lucky Michael and I are? In these economic times, when people are losing jobs left and right and struggling to secure employment anywhere, Michael goes out and finds a wonderful job straight out of college undergrad! It is so great, in fact, that I will not have to work during the semester, nor worry about tuition...basically I will be a kept woman who only has to worry about school and loving and caring for my wonderful soon-to-be husband!

Speaking of "husband" or "marriage" things, we are now the residents of Sterling Pointe Apartments in Layton! Our search for an apartment was long and hard, and considering that Michael works in downtown Salt Lake while I'm still at school in Logan, we struggled to find just the right place in between both worlds. We knew we wanted to live in the Layton area as Michael has to commute 5 days a week, and avoiding the Ogden traffic would definitely make life MUCH easier, while my 2 day a week commute to Logan will really not be that bad as the worst traffic is usually heading to Salt Lake, not away from it. We were really hopeful for this apartment complex during our search, and knew once we toured that we wanted to live there. Everything just felt right. The complex has a swimming pool, year-round jacuzzi, fitness center, and just darn cute grounds and buildings. Plus, when comparing prices, we found out that the price per square foot is the cheapest of any places we looked! We will be living on the 2nd floor of a 2-story building which means more privacy and vaulted ceilings! I think we're going to feel right at home in our first little "love nest". Move in date is on May 12th and we'll start to slowly ease our belongings and things into the space prior to the wedding. It'll be nice to have it mostly set up when we return from our honeymoon!

We have been on the search for a bed for some time, as we have realized that we have basically everything but something to sleep on! Table and chairs, check. Couch, check. Coffee table and side table, check. TV, check. Washer and dryer, check. Microwave, check. Office desk, check. Large and amazing bookcase, check. My wonderful Yamaha keyboard, check. So, we are quite blessed in that many items have been donated to the new Black Family cause. We are really hopeful for this queen sleigh bed and mattress combo we found on KSL that is located in Tremonton. Keep your fingers crossed!

Pretty huh? We both LOVE sleigh beds and dark, cherry-ish wood for that matter. Here's hoping!

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