Friday, September 25, 2009

ICON Lagoon Night

I think that this picture perfectly sums up our night of fun at the Annual ICON Health and Fitness Lagoon Night!

Each year, employees and their families are invited for dinner, dessert, and general mayhem at a discounted price for an entire evening, as the park is closed off for only ICON itself. Since my mother works there, Michael and I were able to go this year and have a night of great fun! [Btw, that's our friend Spencer in the above picture with Michael. His fiancee's mother works at ICON and we spent the entire evening playing with their family!]

I'm afraid that in all our excitement, we forgot to take lots of pictures. So, here are some of our favorites from when it was still daylight!
This is for FRIGHTMARES which starts in the next week or so.....thought it was funny!
Michael rode this ride, which I refused as I quickly knew that I would become sick and in the next picture you'll see why.
Recipe for disaster on my side, but laughs for Michael! He really loved it.
And, of course, we had to ride the bumper cars...twice. They are classic.

We also rode all the rollercoasters, including Wicked, which is such a rush. I love the straight down free-falling feel. And every time I ride Colossus, I'm reminded of my first rollercoaster experience which was on that exact rollercoaster!

But I must say, one of my favorite parts of the entire evening was being able to ride in a "couples seat" on the big swing-type ride. It was cute and sweet, letting our feet just hang and laughing like little kids. We always have fun together.

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