Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A "Sweet" FHE

Michael and I performed a little bit of "support the local community" for Family Home Evening on Monday. For weeks, we've been watching this cute little cupcake shop prepare to open in Layton. Every time we'd drive by it, Michael would laugh at me as I giggled in anticipation for it's grand opening. Cutsie Cakes Cupcakery and Gift Boutique finally opened and we decided to drop in on Monday night, seeing as I've been dying to go!

You can see the ultimate happy look on my face.

We perused around for a while, looking at their vintage candies and craft-related gifts from local vendors, and of course...their CUPCAKES! Michael and I decided we should buy a couple, rationalizing that we should support a local business that is just getting on it's feet. And besides, the owner and baker was such a sweetheart that we just couldn't leave without contributing to her long-life dream of opening a Cupcake Shop.

This was the adorable box we brought our cupcakes home in!Don't they just look scrumptious?
My Lemon-Strawberry Cupcake...
His Coconut Cupcake...
That's a smile of happiness that can only come from the perfect first bite of a Coconut Cupcake.
And a similar smile resulting from a big, yummy bite from my Lemon-Strawberry Cupcake.
I won't show you the rest of the eating pictures, as things got a little messy as we scarfed them down. But here's the final result...empty wrappers and tummies full of sweet concoctions!

If you are ever in the Layton area, you should stop by and visit Cutsie Cakes...you won't be sorry!

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