Monday, March 29, 2010

Lost and Found

Around the time of our move back to Logan, we misplaced our iPod touch. We thought that maybe it fell out in our cars, so we searched them. Nothing. We figured it fell in some boxes so we looked through all of them. Nothing. Then we figured that it could be at my mother's house and maybe had fallen in the couch cushions while we were there on Christmas Eve. Again we searched, and nothing.

We figured it was just not meant to be and either it would turn up eventually, or be lost forever. Nevertheless, we "moved" on with our lives.

Then, this past weekend, my mother said that she had something to tell us. So, we sat down at her request, with no clue as to what she was going to say. I believe a joke was made about her being pregnant...which of course, is NOT a possibility. Haha.

Anyway, she proceeded to tell us about this man who came up to her at work the other day and asked if she had a son-in-law named Michael Black. She told him yes and then he handed her an iPod touch. Our iPod touch. He then told her this long story about how he purchased a gray NordicTrack jacket from Icon and while he was at the airport, on his way to Brazil, he reached in his pocket and found the iPod. I can only imagine his shock when this happened!

So, he turned it on and began a search to figure out who this belonged to. He searched online and eventually located my mother's email address, which led him to realize a connection to someone he knew. Once he returned from Brazil, he contacted my mother and the rest is history.

Basically what happened was that my mother bought a gray NordicTrack jacket for Michael for Christmas and he ended up looking like a member of he returned it for a black one of the same style. It looks much better. But, as he was trying on the gray jacket, he put the iPod in the pocket and completely forgot about it. A return was made and nobody knew until this kind man, on his way to Brazil, discovered our lost item.

Can you believe it? Doesn't this increase your faith in others? Don't you feel happy that there are still honest people in this world? Interesting experience huh?


  1. Rebecca! I'm not sure you remember me but we went to institute together for a little while when you were at LSU! I saw your blog on Emily & Jeff's and thought I'd leave a little comment! How incredible that such a nice man returned you iPod...I know how you feel about losing it! Mike and I have misplaced ours and are at the point where we are waiting for it turn up and if it doesn't, oh well! But how awesome that yall got it back! I don't think we left it in a jacket we returned though so I'm sure we won't have the same happy ending but What a crazy, cool story! Awesome!

  2. You forgot the part of the story where it was originally MY iPod that you gave to me for Christmas 2008, and ended up "passing it along" to Michael (without my knowledge), so I could have kept it when the guy gave it back to me!! But I knew how much Michael liked it and decided to give it to him as a gift from me.....:)