Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Drive Home

So this afternoon we spent with Michael's family at his parent's house in Taylorsville. It was fun, relaxing, and nice, but that's not the point of this post. I must tell you what happened as we were driving back home to Logan.

We were heading northbound on I-15 around the Willard area when we noticed this beat-up Toyota weaving in and out of its lane. And when I saw weaving, I mean the car would ride over the line on one side, then the other. Also, the car would not maintain a steady speed, slowing down then speeding up. Over and over.

So we decided to pass the car. As we were pulling up next to it, we noticed the driver was texting. And it was blatant. Phone up, in hand, blue light on face, eyes darting from the road to the phone.

We immediately decided that this was dangerous and that we wanted to report it to the police. So, I called 411 (the Verizon information service) and they were able to connect me to police dispatch. I gave the information of the car, driver, license plate, mile marker and such. The dispatch worker thanked me and told me she would send the information right out to patrol officers.

Now, I don't know if the officers were able to find the vehicle and pull the man over, which I hope they were. But Michael and I knew that we couldn't just let such a reckless driver continue on in the night without reporting it. So many people's lives have been lost due to texting. Our opinion is, if someone wants to jeopardize his own life, that's fine. But don't risk taking some innocent person's life as a result of your stupidity.

We hope that this man made it to his destination safely and that maybe, someday, he will realize the risks associated with his actions and halt such reckless behavior. Life is too precious and too short to make decisions that can hurt yourself or others.

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