Thursday, April 08, 2010

Summer Hopefuls

Here's a list of 10 things I'm planning on doing this summer or am looking forward to doing.

1. Take a full-load of classes (which means finishing Human Anatomy).
2. Get my music studio up and FULLY running.
3. Become reacquainted with soccer.
4. Go camping.
5. Plant flowers/veggies and watch them grow.
6. Walk barefoot in the grass.
7. Wear skirts and dresses.
8. Get a tan (or freckles, which is a higher probability).
9. Go to the farmer's market every Saturday.
10. Join my young women for 3 days of girl's camp up Logan canyon.

What are your summer hopefuls? What are you looking forward to the most about summer? Anything special planned?


  1. 11. Go running with Arianne 5 days a week...
    edited 9. Go to farmer's market every Saturday WITH ARIANNE!!! Ha!

    Love yoU!

  2. Done and done. Although, you should come play soccer with me and some other gals and that way we'll both get our running in!

  3. I plan to settle into my new house and get it all fixed up. I want to relax in the back yard and let Jack play in the yard with Maya. And I hope to have some sort of vegetation growing around the house (which is probably somewhat problematic considering my brown thumb).

    And then Michael is probably coming for a visit, so I want it to be ready when he gets here! I can't wait to see him, too!