Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Calling

Michael has been called, sustained, and set apart as the Young Men's President for the Bridgerland Park 3 Ward.

He's going to be very involved in...



and this!

I know that he is going to do so much for the young men in our ward. The entire presidency was reorganized (as he was the secretary before) and there are some wonderful men called to work alongside him.

I know that this is a BIG calling with lots of responsibility to keep the boys motivated, inspired, and excited about the gospel. But I've already started to see and hear the Lord's hopes and dreams for the boys through Michael.

As he was being set apart today, the blessings that the Lord gave to him were beautiful. I won't share everything, but I do want to relay an impression and thoughts about one particular thing that was said. Hearing the words, "worthy priesthood holder", really touched my heart. I know that is so true and I'm grateful to be married to a man who can be described as such. He may joke around here and there, but Michael carries himself with honor and dignity synonymous with a "worthy priesthood holder". You can see it in his eyes and his demeanor. He, and his other counselors, will be able to be powerful examples for the young men, teaching them what it truly means to hold and use the priesthood.

This is going to be a great opportunity for change, as this new presidency is on the "ground floor" of the Young Men's program in our ward. There are now enough boys to really have a scouting program, something which I know they are ALL excited about.

What a great blessing this will be to Michael and our family as we are now BOTH in callings associated with the youth of the Church. We are going to be blessed through our service and I know that we will learn so much, increasing our testimonies day by day!

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  1. How did I not catch that he was called to be the new YM President? I knew he had a Presidency meeting, but I also knew he was the secretary. I don't think you told me he was now the President. What an honor and a privilege it will be for him to share his knowledge and testimony with these young men. I am very proud and happy for you both.

    Love you both.......