Tuesday, November 02, 2010

23rd Voodoo Birthday

Michael planned an amazing birthday party for me last weekend. It had a Voodoo theme, which was based off my newest favorite Disney movie, "The Princess and the Frog".

As my birthday is quite close to Halloween, we just basically combined the two and encouraged one and all to wear a costume to the event!

We had some interesting and exciting outfits this year.

Rebecca and Michael Black
(Shadow Man and Mama Odie)

Dani and Andy Satchwell
(Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf)

Ann Mossinghoff and Andy Ribits
(Voodoo Queen and Voodoo Doll)

Marc and Amy Fuentes
(Scary being from "the other side" and a Bumblebee)

Jen and Bryant Svedin
(Damsel and Knight in Shining Armor)

Natalie Jolley
(Voodoo Doll)

There were others at the party, but we forgot to pull the camera out early enough to get their pictures. I believe we also had Tinkerbell, a mummy, a couple characters from Nacho Libre, A mad scientist, and her assistant Igor. It was great!

We also had some creepy decorations and food. Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed!

Events for the night included...

Some dancing...

Donuts-On-A-String eating contest...

And, of course, beating the living daylights out of a jack-o-lantern pinata.

We had a great time and I especially loved all the thought and effort put into my scary voodoo birthday. I will never forget this party and I'll let Michael know right now that he has his work cut out for him on future birthdays of mine. Favorite and best party yet!


  1. I LOVE your costumes!! Totally genius! All you needed was the evening star, Evangeline :) Looks like it was an amazing party!

  2. It looks fun! I hope that you had a great birthday!

  3. looks like a lively party! Michael's face painting creeps me out! kind of scary!