Monday, November 01, 2010

{finir} French Word of the Week

finir = to finish

It's official! I have finished BYU's Human Anatomy course. I just received my final results and I'm happy just to have passed. It was quite the struggle sometimes.

Albeit, I did enjoy learning more about the human body, which gave me a greater appreciation for our Creator. When studying all the intricacies involved, one can have no doubt that God exists. Nobody else could design and create something so brilliant and detailed and make it function flawlessly as it does!

So, I can happily say "au revoir" to BYU forever. I'm grateful to never have to take a course from them again. Almost killed me as an Aggie and as a person with a desire to learn in an orderly fashion. Hint, NEVER choose BYU for Independent Study. What a joke.

Il est fini. Je suis heureuse.
(It is finished. I am happy.)

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