Monday, January 31, 2011

Change is in the air...

Well, apparently it's that time again. The time when our ward needed to make some changes in regards to callings in the Young Women program. That's right, there were releases and extensions this Sunday.

Our fearless and super cool President, Shantai Kartchner was released. (The Lady in Red) She's been in Young Women's for 3 years. We are sure going to miss her and all the fun and hard work she put into everything. She had such love for the girls and you could feel her genuine spirit each time she bore her testimony to them.

Also, Abbey Tooley, our 2nd counselor was released. We LOVE her and will surely miss her silliness and her baby Sam, who pretty much became our mascot. So many laughs that I can't even describe!

Sofia La'ulu, our Secretary was also released. Her daughter Vicky is a Beehive and we were so grateful to have mom and daughter together each activity. Sofia has such a sweet spirit and her tender heart just almost burst with love every day you saw her. She is a wonderful mother and I want to be like her someday.

So those were the ladies going out, now I'll share the NEW news.

Aly Freeman, who was the 1st counselor, became the new President! She may only be 21, but she is incredibly mature and just a beautiful person. I have grown to love and respect her so much over this past year we have served together. Although she may be "terrified" as she told me yesterday, I know she will do a wonderful job. The Lord called her for a reason and she will magnify her calling to the fullest because I have seen nothing less from her.

Now that we have a President, we need a 1st counselor. And guess who was called to that position?

Sister Rebecca Black! Wow, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, excited, scared, enthusiastic, and all sorts of other emotions. I was Personal Progress Advisor, Beehive Advisor, and now the Lord sees fit to give me more responsibility. (And blessings, I figure!) There is a lot of work and reorganization to do, but I know we will get through it. I'm just grateful that the Lord trusts me to be a part of these girls' lives. Our young women are beautiful and amazing. During our New Beginnings program last night, Aly asked the new counselors to share their feelings and testimony. The first thing I said was that I was grateful to not have been released! I wasn't ready to leave the Young Women program in our ward just yet! And apparently the Lord felt the same way :)

Now, some of you might not want or care to know who the other NEW people are, but I'll share it for posterity's sake. I'll admit, I don't know or have pictures of everyone, but that's all part of the process right? Getting to know the new leaders and learning about and from each other. It's going to be a great new year and journey for all of us, I'm sure.

Ashley Wood, 2nd counselor. Beautiful, sweet, and has the cutest little boy named Drake.

Stephanie Larsen, Secretary. Love love LOVE her.

Christine Hayward, Laurel Advisor. Her two daughters, Leilani and Kellie are both Laurels. Kristine is an AMAZING woman. And when I say that, I mean it. She is a ROCK. And a great mom. (Just look at that birthday cake she made!)

Katie Wallentine, Mia Maid Advisor. Don't know her very well yet, but I will! Together, we'll be over the Mia Maids. Yay!

And lastly, I'm embarrassed to say that I've already forgotten our Beehive Advisor's name. It's Jessica, I know that much. I'm sure I'll become very well acquainted with her soon as we'll all be spending lots of time together.

Well friends, there you have it. A long and "fresh" post all about a new beginning for Young Women in the BP3 ward this year. Wish me luck and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we gratefully need and accept them!


  1. So Ashley Wood is a great family friend of ours! We love that fam. You are so lucky to have her in the YW program! And of course they are lucky to have you too!

  2. Hey I totally know Dax and Stephanie, my husband worked with Dax at Thermofisher for three years. They are great people! What an exciting calling, I've never served in Young Women's before, but it seems like it would be a wonderful calling.

  3. good luck, congrats and have fun!

  4. Aw, so bittersweet! I miss you guys so much and the girls too! Looks like everything has changed. You guys will do such an amazing job as the new presidency! Good luck.