Friday, January 28, 2011


While I was in line at Smith's Marketplace today, I couldn't help but watch the lady in front of me hand the cashier a HUGE stack of coupons. Originally her total was $37.50, not that bad, but after all the coupons went through it came out to $6.27!


That's a savings of $31.23!!!

I really need to start getting into this coupon thing. Although, I'm kinda nervous. Anybody have any good suggestions for websites or ways to keep it all organized?


  1. Check out She has great advice for beginners on organizing and learning the lingo.

  2. I have tried and I failed!!! Ha! If you get tips, send them my way! I even get coupons from the krazy coupon lady. But I don't understand them. Ha!

  3. Ask Larissa about how to get in touch with Karlee. Debbie says she's a really good coupon shopper, and she could probably tell you about things right here in Logan.

  4. I use grocery smarts. what I like about it is I can get coupons for produce and fresh things that we most often used. A lot of my friends are crazy couners, but they buy a lot of frozen and boxed things and we just don't eat like that. We also found that you can go on the store website for example, Smiths has a coupon link for store coupons you don't see in the store, if you can combine it with a sale or manufacturers coupon it can save you a ton, plus they offer coupons on things like dairy, produce and the good food.

    When I was in the RS presidency in West Jordan, we planned an activity with the grocery guru and I hated his method, because if you look at his menus, they are a lot of preservative laden, junky food. I know a lot of people love him, and he teaches you how to buy cheap groceries, but it wasn't worth it to us. I think you can use some of his kinds of methods with a few of the grocery smarts methods and still feed your family healthy home cooked meals, which for us is the only way it could work. I don't save as much as some of my insane friends, but I hope we're healthier for it. That's my two cents. Good luck, I hope you find a way that works for you!

  5. Thanks ladies! And Mindy, I totally agree with you in my coupon philosophy, I don't need all those preservatives and unhealthy boxed foods. Thanks for the lead to grocerysmarts, we love healthy produce!