Thursday, February 24, 2011

Haunted Town

On this season's premiere of Ghost Hunters, my very own hometown of Alexandria, LA was the focus! It's been fun to watch and see all the video footage of local landmarks. These places I've been to and have grown up seeing throughout my childhood and into young adulthood. The stories are not that unfamiliar to me, but it's fun to relive little bits of my past and be reminded of my hometown's history, albeit paranormal. :)

One of the locations featured is the Hotel Bentley, a super old hotel that my dad used to take me and my brother to in the summers for lunch and just to hang out in its grand entryway.
Right across the street is Finnegan's Wake, a local pub, also claimed to be a haunted place. Then just down the block, there is a restaurant called Diamond Grill, which used to be Schnack's Fine Jewlery. I remember when it was renovated just a few years ago. I would walk right past it almost every day in my junior and senior years of high school on the way to my afterschool job in the law office where my mother also worked. (The office is right next door to the restaurant).

I've heard a few "ghost stories" here and there but actually never anything about the local pub. Even though I never watch the show and don't necessarily believe all the things they apparently hear, feel, and see; I still enjoy watching this episode about my hometown. Brings a little bit of the South back into my life here in Utah. Love it.

If you want to watch the episode, here's the link to the episode page. If you don't want to watch it, don't even worry, I won't mind. Just something fun to share with all of you!


  1. Oh my! Alexandria featured in Ghost Hunters! If I can't find it being broadcast on Comcast, I'll watch it here on your link. How fun is this? I wish someone would reopen the old Hotel Bentley; it is such a beautiful building, and the family that restored it spent several million dollars back in the 80s to get it back to its glorious state. I hate to see it just going to waste again. Thanks for letting me know about this show; I can't wait to watch it!

  2. Apparently they are in the works of getting it reopened. I think someone decided to finally take charge and make it happen. Very fun! Also, you should ask Mr. Brad about how they shut down all of downtown roads and such for them to film it there. I bet that made getting to Provosty interesting!

  3. I've heard of this too! I lived in Alexandria when I was little and we moved to Pineville until I was 9 so I know a lot of these places and have been to the Bentley since for a highschool FCCLA confrence. We had heard it was haunted...something about the highest floor of the hotel or something. We dared to go to the top but chickened out! That's really cool that it was featured Ghost Hunters!