Friday, March 18, 2011

I am such a slacker!

So there will definitely not be any blogger of the month awards given to me, because I have been slacking on my posting lately. Sorry to all you friends who check up on me and find nothing new and exciting here.

With my hand raised, I promise that I will TRY to be a better blogger from here on out and to post fun, new, exciting, maybe even boring, lovely, happy, or sad, spring-y, food-related, friendly things, etc. in the near future and beyond! I feel like I should say "Scout's honor"!

That being said, let's get on to business. What has been keeping me from all my fun blogging lately?
  1. Internship applications - They are insane and require lots of time, thought, stressing, planning, crying, and effort. Been acquiring transcripts, solidifying letters of recommendation, practicing for my video submissions, answering VERY interesting questions, among other things.
  2. CILs - Soapbox moment here. USU officially canceled/got rid of the CIL requirement for students. Only thing, it's not retroactive or effective immediately. Those of us who are graduating this May (ME!) must still take them 6 stupid computer-y tests. So dumb. They really aren't that difficult, but they just take time to schedule, study for, and take. So, I spend my spare time worrying about those.
  3. Work - Trying to cut back on my Six Star time so I can start teaching Voice through The Book Table in downtown Logan. They GIVE me students and I get paid more than I would charge through my private studio. Plus their practice/teaching rooms are nice and beautiful. Just been putting together résumé/fact sheet materials for that. And Michael and I are working on printing out some business cards for me as well. It's all so grown up and exciting!
  4. Young Women - My calling seems to be taking a bit more of my time. Makes sense when you are in the presidency, not just an advisor. There's a lot more teaching to this than before. And when I say teaching, I mean we have to teach our new leaders/advisers. They're new and haven't been in YW since they were teenagers. Takes some getting used to. So, some stress with that, but MANY blessing also. I love the girls and wouldn't want to be doing anything else on my Tuesday evenings than spend time with them!
  5. Practicum - Hardest one yet. Still feel like I'm lost! I need my elderly people, adolescents are stressing me out! Lots of growth opportunities for real.
  6. Running - Been training for my first 5k! Wahoo. Running has been a serious stress reliever for me. I've been really pushing myself and it feels good to see progress. Plus, it gives me one hour a day ALL to myself to do what I WANT to do. And I'm starting to feel and look better.
  7. French - I do not enjoy my French teacher this semester. She's just not a good teacher. She's funny, but that's all I feel she has going for her. I'm not immersed in the language like last semester. Now my teacher last semester was amazing! I'd think and breathe French for the entire class period and then struggle to make the shift back to English once class was over. That was awesome. C'est la vie. Persevere!
  8. On top of all these things, I've still got to make time to be a wife and a good one at that. I must focus on Michael and attend to his needs. We have to schedule time together because our lives tend to get insane. So, when we do have a night to ourselves, we must put away our electronic devices and focus on US. We've been trying to do that more lately, and it's harder than I thought. It's easy to become addicted to them. But, through our hard work and lots of love, we'll get better!
So, there you have it folks. Anybody else feel like I do right now? Is life just crazy and trying to kick you in the tush?

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  1. 1. CIL Exams!! I hated those. It truly was the bane of my existence senior year!
    2. Good on the running. Woot woot.
    3. Cool about teaching at the book table. Sounds like a good idea.