Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wreath Revamped

I've been dying to get my hands on our front door wreath for some time. It's really cute and earthy with all its branches and berries. I've always liked it. (Hence the reason I "borrowed" it from my mom, she didn't like it and never used it).

Sadly, the weather, sunshine, and a couple of winters have taken its toll on the poor thing and it was in desperate need of a little spruce. Or a "revamp" as I see it! I had planned to wait a few weeks until it was warmer and I could get the job done outside, but Logan weather has a mind of its own and I was too tired of waiting. So, I gave in and made our kitchen table the project space for Saturday afternoon!

Here is the "revamping" process:

Not too bad. Just a bit faded and yellowed.

I painted about half of the berries a similar shade of red to what they were before. This looks a lot like the wreath did when I first acquired it. Better, but not quite what I wanted. It still needed a little something else.

Cute, isn't it? I painted a sort of robin's egg blue/teal-ish color on most of the left over berries. And then added some bright "lipstick" red to a couple others.

I also painted the bow and other branches with a light green, which brightened the entire wreath right up and brought everything together!

A little detail shot for you.

I love it. And think it's super cute. It's the perfect Springy addition to our front door.

Here's the extra fabulous part. I didn't have to pay anything because the acrylic paints I used for this project were already ones we had in our collection for art and craft projects. Score!

Michael said that it looked pretty and told me, "Nice job wifey!" He actually got together with our friend Hunter yesterday afternoon and they also worked on a little project of their own. I'm excited to share that one with you. Their project is one that he and I have been looking forward to for quite some time. Once everything is finished, I will share that with you. So, have patience for a few more days and then the big reveal will occur!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Sabbath. I love Sundays. Enjoy it!

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  1. Nice job wifey. ha. I love the wreath revamping. I especially like your color choices. It's perfect for spring.