Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Testing Testing 1 2 3...

The hubby and I finally made it into the realm of smartphones. Took us long enough! We had previously been on a family plan with his parents via Verizon Wireless, but the time came to make a change. Michael's Motorola RAZR was close to death and mine had kicked the bucket (or should I say toilet) a few months back, causing me to have to borrow an incredibly old Motorola "Brick" phone from his sister Janessa. I was grateful, because at least it worked. 

Anyway, the time came to shop around for a cell phone provider, and even though Verizon was always a personal favorite of mine as far as coverage and service goes, they were just a bit too expensive for out tastes. We were looking for a more economical route in our family. And so we found Virgin Mobile.

They offered us 300 minutes each, unlimited web, text, and data for just $25 a line each month. No contract, no activation fees. We did have to purchase the phones though. But, since we went through Best Buy and as they have a 30 day return policy, we are in the "testing" phase. If we like Virgin Mobile's service (which I should mention is on the ever growing Sprint network), then we will keep it. If not, we can return the phones to Best Buy for a full refund, and only be out $50. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

We're paying at least half of what we would through Verizon or AT&T and so far we are getting great service. And we looked up their coverage for Tallahassee and it is HUGE, so we should be fine there. I don't foresee any problems in the future (other than some roaming difficulties during long travel), but this is what the testing phase is for. 

Right now we are just enjoying our LG Optimus V phones, which are Androids. I've been fighting the smart phone for a long time, mostly because I don't want to be super attached to it like I've seen many people do. But I have found some great benefits with the many applications and the fact that I can have all my email, contacts, and calendar synced together in one place. It is pretty convenient I'll admit!

So what do you think? What providers do you like and how have they treated you in the various places you live? I'm really interested in some cross-country opinions here.

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