Friday, August 09, 2013

{Baby} 14 Weeks

Let's see, we've had some fun updates since 2 weeks ago. First off, my belly is starting to poke out more, especially when I wear the right clothes (hence the dress picture this time). If I wear jeans or other shorts, mostly I look a little pudgy, but I am starting to have to use the rubber band trick from time to time. It is so fun to finally see things growing! Some women freak out about getting bigger, but I can say I am excited for these changes and watching what my body can do to support this little baby inside. It really is amazing to think about!

We had our 14 week appointment the other day with Dr. Rasmussen, who was filling in for Dr. Hebert while she was on vacation for a week. A little history about Dr. Rassmussen, he was one of the founding members of the IMC Ob-Gyn Practice and has "retired" but basically comes in every once in a while to help out in the office. He was the cutest older man and sweet as can be. He had amazing things to say about Dr. Hebert as he knew her throughout her entire residency. He told us that she is very "old school" as in she prefers women to have vaginal deliveries and doesn't get "c-section happy" like some other doctors out there. Of course, if c-section is needed, I can't be in any more capable hands. But, it was so validating to hear this from one of the founding members of the practice that our doctor is going to be in-line with what I'm wanting to do.

Here follows a few more updates from our appointment. Once again, I am "super healthy" and everything looks great. Basically, they expect this to be a very normal pregnancy based upon all the test results and info they've gathered so far. My blood count was excellent and I have Rh-positive blood, so there will be no need for the antibody shots in my behind during my pregnancies. Also, Dr. Rasmussen talked about how active our little one is already, basically paraphrasing from Dr. Hebert's notes at the previous appointment. He said that is a very good sign and that I might be able to feel baby moving around sometime soon. But, of course, since I don't really know what to feel for as I've not had a baby before, it might take a few weeks before I really can tell when it's the baby moving in there! Michael actually kissed my belly last night and said, "I got to give the baby its first kiss!" Yeah, that was way cute!

We got to hear that cute and fast little heartbeat again...I can honestly say that I yearn to hear/see our baby at every appointment and fall more in love each time it happens. We scheduled our 20-week ultrasound and will be able to see much more detail and find out the gender in about 5-ish weeks from now! I'm so looking forward to it. I have my feelings about what the gender will be, but I'll wait and see before I let my suspicions be known!

As for me, the nausea is beginning to subside and I've gotten a good bit of my energy back, especially this week. I'm currently in the process of doing "pre-nesting nesting" as I like to call it. Getting the house all organized to prepare for all the baby things to come so I can decorate and put together the nursery. We are so very blessed to be in the situation we are in, to have a nice home to bring the baby home to, and to be able to feel comfortable in this new journey of our lives!


  1. Yay! I love reading things like this. Good luck with your "pre-nesting" nesting. I'm so happy for you.

    1. Thanks Shantel! The "pre-nesting" has been going very well. I'm feeling so accomplished already!