Friday, December 06, 2013

{Baby} 31 Weeks!

Well, everyone, we're definitely into the 3rd trimester by now! Now it really feels like time is flying. My belly is getting bigger and bigger each day and feels pretty tight as if my skin is thinking it can't stretch anymore, but I know it still has lots to grow. I still have a belly button, albeit a very small one. I'm pretty sure it won't be too long before that decides to flatten out, then possibly pop. That will be the sign that this baby girl is ready to come out and meet her parents!

We are getting excited for her arrival, all the while gearing up for Christmas and working on finishing our big family room remodel. We still have lots to do before she gets here, and this mommy is starting to feel the pressure a bit. I've started cleaning all the baby stuff we've been so generously given by friends and family members, and I'm hoping to start really putting the nursery together in the next week or so! I just hope she decides to not come too early or anything, because I still have so much to prepare for her entrance into the world and our lives.

Baby girl is growing perfectly well, as she has throughout this entire pregnancy and I'm still right on track with my weight gain (such a blessing). I passed the glucose screening with flying colors, so no gestational diabetes for me! Thank goodness, because I had to take it the morning after Halloween, which meant I only allowed myself 2 tiny candy bars to munch on, so as not to skew the test results. It seemed to have worked and I made it through sipping that really sweet and syrupy drink. Not so much yucky, just REALLY sweet. Glad that's over!

Michael and I registered at Target for the baby registry the other day and I went to Babies R Us to register for a few items we couldn't get at Target. One being the car seat and stroller I really wanted. The highest rated, safest, and "best" car seat of the year is the Graco SnugRide 35 and Target didn't carry them in store, so I wanted to make sure to get that on a registry somewhere. And the fact that Babies R Us had an amazing car seat/stroller combo (the stroller folds with one little lift of 1 hand in 1 second, how awesome is that?), I knew I needed to register for it there. Can't believe that we're so close to actually being able to use all this wonderful stuff we've been given, and I'm sure will be given at our baby showers. People are really so kind and generous!

We've started going to OB-GYN appointments every 2 weeks, instead of 4 now, and are fully fledged into our birthing class, along with getting recommendations from our OB for great pediatricians. Baby girl is a mover and talking with our doctor the other day, I told her that I haven't had to do any kick counts because of how much this baby moves! Dr. Hebert said she was the same with both her pregnancies and that there is no such thing as too much movement from the baby in the womb, so just another sign that our little girl is super healthy! By the way, she really loves to wiggle and seems to get the hiccups at night, which is funny as I try to go to sleep. This tiny repetitive thump feeling is cute, but sometimes I just have to tell her, "I love you, but seriously? Could you please stop hiccuping so I can go to sleep?" I think she is going to have a mind of her own, and will probably give me a run for my money. Love it.

Lastly, I am so much more tired now and have to sit down after standing or doing anything "strenuous" (which is not strenuous at all) for a little while. Sleep is becoming interesting and I find that I'm just HOT and uncomfortable throughout the night. Poor Michael, he's so patient with me and lets me put pillows all around, encroaching on his bed space. He's a good man and so kind and sweet to me, helping me pick things up or reach them. Or, the other night, he helped my get my socks on my feet because I just didn't want to try and bend over to do it. That is true love right there, as he loves to pamper me and makes sure I take it easy. I love him more and more each day and am so glad he is my husband and the father of my child (and future children)!


  1. Oh yay! You are getting so close. I think that it's amazing how exhausting yet rewarding being pregnant can be. I'm glad that Michael is taking such good care of you. Can't wait to meet the little miss!

    1. Thanks, Shantel! It's definitely getting closer and closer! We are definitely looking forward to meeting our dear little girl. What an adventure this has been and will be!