Monday, May 12, 2014

3 months...1/4 of a year!

 Is that not the most beautiful picture you've ever seen? And the most beautiful baby girl? Okay, I'm totally biased. But seriously...she's gorgeous. Inside and out. 

Needless to say, we love our sweet girl. In the past month she has just grown so much and reached so many milestones and we are loving seeing her start to figure things out. Every new stage of her development is my favorite.

Here are some pictures to document how she's grown. Notice the chubby double chin and chunky thighs and arms!

Jessica has started putting her little hands and fingers together like this. When she rubs them together it's almost like she's plotting or scheming. Now what she'd scheme about is to be determined. Probably when she'll surprise me with the next blowout diaper...!

And, at last...a silly one for posterity's sake!

Exciting updates:
Jessica weighs about 15 lbs now (we're guessing).
She is a talker and loves to do this all day long, or when she wakes up, or when she falls asleep.
She continues to be a great sleeper (11-12 hours baby!), with the exception of a few nights a couple weeks ago when she had her first diaper rash and woke once about 5 am.
Her first diaper rash...yay! It cleared up after a few days.
Jessica is starting to grab things more and put them to her mouth.
We're getting some good giggles out of her and mommy makes a fool of herself to just try and make her laugh.
Jessica smiles ALL the time, especially when she sees her mommy or daddy. 
Michael and I love to fight over who gets her from a nap because as soon as she sees us, this big gummy grin spreads across her face!
Jessica has started to take a longer time to nurse because she'll stop partway through and "talk" to me for about 5-10 minutes. 
She had her first bout of cradle cap that we nixed with some olive oil and a few good hairwashes.
She is getting very good at tummy time and is up on her tiptoes, but just can't get all the way rolled over. She's very close though!


  1. She looks precious, as always! Hoping to be able to see her a little while this coming weekend. I have some things for her. :)

  2. What a gorgeous baby!! I agree, she is absolutely beautiful. Can I claim her as my niece? lol. Maybe I should just let Natalie claim her, and I can just be some obscure Godaunt or something. Ok, so those don't even exist, but we gotta think of something here!

    Congrats on getting so many hours of sleep each night! Soak up those wonderful, gummy smiles and baby chitchat. I hope I get to meet her soon :)

    1. Thank you Emily! And OF COURSE you can claim her...we are practically family. By extension at least! I can't wait for you to meet her and for us to meet little Valerie. Are you coming to visit in Utah sometime soon?

  3. She is precious!!! I was wondering when you had her , I knew you were expecting ;) congrats! And she is at such a fun age ;). They are all fun until they turn 3....and then it is still mostly fun ;)