Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yes, I do exist.

So, this is probably going to surprise everyone but believe it or not, I was the one who started this blog in the first place. I just haven't posted anything in a long time and Rebecca has taken over most of the blogging. But I have decided that maybe I should start contributing more to its content and add a second perspective to things.
Be prepared those of you who are used to getting a lot of nice photos, words being spelled correctly, and other things along those lines, you'll probably not get any of that from me. It'll probably just be random thoughts about whatever it is that I'm thinking about on my daily commutes on the train to and from work.
But to start of with I thought I'd start a series of "Rules". These rules are what I think everyone should know and already do but they aren't following them. And if people would only act according to these rules it would make my life better. It may not make your life better but these are my rules so of course they are going to be biased in my favor. :) So here we go:
Rule #1
I am always right.
Until I learn something new and decide to change my mind. But even then I was right at the time and my new decision is right too.

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