Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a very fun Easter this year, with two Easter Egg Hunts for Jessica to participate in. One was for the entire neighborhood, held at the church, and our friends the Satchwells came along for the party.  The second hunt was at a friend's house who hosts a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt every year for friends. Seriously, the Davies make it a big deal with tickets hidden in eggs and you can win prizes, along with a yummy potluck and barbecue!

At the time of these hunts, Jessica had just started walking while holding our hands, so it wasn't the typical "run and grab an egg then put it in the basket" scenario, but it was fun nonetheless! Jessica had a blast at each hunt (cue matching sucker and shirt color for the Neighborhood hunt) and we enjoyed seeing her obvious excitement. Being a parent is so fun and we love seeing everything through her eyes. Now that she's fully mobile, life is becoming so much more fun. We are ready for all the adventures we have planned and have yet to discover this Summer!

First Easter Egg Hunt

Second Easter Egg Hunt
 I love that man so much. He keeps me laughing!

 This was what we liked to called the "midget walk". No offense intended. But, when Jessica would walk on her knees, especially with a skirt on, she looked super short (like a midget). She eventually realized that walking on her feet was much faster and easier than the little shuffle on her knees. Cutie!

 As you can see, we have a very happy girl. People always comment on how she is so easy-going and basically happy all the time. I'd like to think this is because we have such a happy home and her Mommy and Daddy just love her and each other so much!

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