Tuesday, July 28, 2015

15 months {Jessica} and Trip to New England

People talk about time flying when you have a kid, but I do believe that someone has sprinkled pixie dust all over our lives recently and made time skyrocket. All of a sudden, our Jessica is 18 months old and I just can't believe it. So many things have changed since we took our trip to New England (when Jessica was just 15 months old) and I have a lot of catching up to do!

I'll start off with our trip at the beginning of May! We flew from SLC to Rochester to attend our friend's (and my former co-intern at Big Bend Hospice in Tallahassee) wedding. Early flight out of SLC and Jessica slept basically the entire way to Chicago. What heaven that was! People are right, Benadryl is the bomb. She was already tired and needed the sleep anyway, so I saw no problem in giving her something to help us all travel better and ensure that she got the rest she needed!

While in Rochester, we played with our friends Elaine and Gary, who you might recall were the wedding we attended last August in Rochester. Elaine took off work to entertain us, and drive us around wherever we needed to go. We visited the Strong Museum of Play and Jessica had the time of her life "shopping" at the mini Wegman's grocery store! I could see buying a yearly membership there if we lived in Rochester because it was so much fun for kids and adults alike. It was also wonderful to celebrate with Erica and Brett on their special day and to get all dressed up for the occasion. Non-LDS weddings are such big events and thankfully we could enjoy it all because Jessica was still on Utah time and her naps perfectly coincided with the festivities!

It sometimes takes a lot to get a good picture with lots of wind behind you!

After our time in Rochester, we rented a car and drove to Grafton, Vermont, where we spent a few days with our dear friends, the Thompsons. Adam's parents own a cabin there (where we honeymooned) and we loved being able to go back to the special place and show Jessica all the sights. I forgot how beautiful it really is out in the "mountains" of New England. Trees, green, rain, hearing the crickets at night, four-wheeler rides through the hills and discovering old rock fences and roads. It was heaven. After our days at the cabin and stocking up on lots of Maple Syrup and Vermont White Cheddar, we drove back to Boston where Adam, Tory, and Logan live (actually, they don't live there anymore, as they are in the process of moving to California). We enjoyed a relaxing night in Lexington (suburb where their apartment was located) and boiled our own fresh lobster. It was the perfect last night to our trip and we loved every minute of it!

I can't remember the actual stats right now, but Jessica's measurements from her 15-month checkup showed that she was cute and petite as always! I believe her height was in the 5th %ile and weight was somewhere in the teens for percentile.

As you can see, Jessica is walking and talking like crazy in these pictures. She figured out the walking deal around 14 months, but not before she was a "knee-walker", which was the funniest thing ever. She's such an explorer and is always telling us about it. We love our lives and all the fun we have together as a family!

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