Friday, August 21, 2015

18 Months {Jessica}

Well, Jessica officially reached 18 months at the end of July, but we had to reschedule her well-checkup at the doctor for just this week because! So, her stats and other details are a little late, but still quite close to what she was at the 18 month mark. These photos are from the weekend she turned 18 months, when we took a little family drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake. It was a beautiful hike and Jessica had a blast looking at the ducks, climbing rocks, and just being in nature.

How much Jessica has changed since she was 15 months, even 1 year. I know that babies grow a lot in the first year, but I feel like Jessica has grown and changed even more developmentally since she reached 1 year. Every day is something new, specifically related to communication. Our girl learns a new word every single day; she is so interested in trying out new sounds and I love watching her learn. Below I've listed all the words and sounds that she knows as of right now (purely for my knowledge and don't have to read it if you don't want to). Her pediatrician was very impressed with the sheer amount of words and sounds she can communicate and told us that her development was fantastic!
  • Words - Amen, Baby, Ball, Bee, Boo, Book, Boom, Bye-Bye, Cat, Cheese, Dada, Dog, Done, Duck, Ears, Elbow, Eyes, Fly, Hello, Hi, Hide, Hop, Hot, Light, Mama, Mine, More, No, One More, Please, Rock, Sit, Shh, Shoes, Stick, Thank You, Toes, Wee, Up, Yeah
  • Animal Sounds - Cat (Meow), Cow (Moo), Dog (Woof Woof and Panting), Duck (Quack), Elephant (Pursing lips and blowing), Horse (Neigh), Lion (Rarrr), Monkey (Ooh Ooh Ah), Snake (Sssss)
  • Vehicle Sounds - Beep Beep, Choo Choo, Vroom, Airplane (Neeeyyuhh), Police Siren (Weeooweeoo)

And whatever Jessica can say, she comprehends even more. I'm amazed how I can ask her to do things, or look for something, or refer to a particular item, and she knows exactly what I mean and will infer what I'm trying to have her do even without me explaining everything thoroughly. She's just so perceptive!

Jessica is also a very affectionate child. We are very affectionate parents, so it's no surprise that she acts this way. I love that she gives hugs to her friends and blows kisses when saying goodbye. She gives hugs and kisses to us, her parents, so many times without being asked to. I love it even more when she comes up to me and just hugs my leg while I'm cooking in the kitchen, or getting ready in the bathroom. There is nothing better than being physically loved by your child, just because she wants to.

Other updates and attributes:
  • Jessica is very kind and tender to people and animals. And she loves babies.
  • She is incredibly observant of people and situations around her. She's not one to just run off into the street when a car goes by. She listens to me point out the car, stops immediately where she stands, and then walks over to the curb if we're in the road (like on our walks around the neighborhood). We "watch and wait". Once the car has passed, then she will move and knows it's safe to cross the street.
  • What a brave child she is at the splash pad. Every single time we go, she runs fearlessly under the sprinklers and spray and has multiple people comment on how brave she is. I, of course, beam with pride. This girl loves the water.
  • Jessica is pretty good at sharing with others or making a trade when needed. I think it goes back to her kind and observant nature.
  • We've introduced the kid potty to her, just to get her used to the idea and give her something to do while she's in the bathroom with me (which is a lot). No pressure. I am happy to report that she has peed in potty multiple times and pooped once since this entire series of events began. She knows exactly what the potty is for and even enjoys wiping and pouring the contents into the "big" toilet after. Early potty training, I hope?!?

18 Month Stats:
Weight: 23.35 lbs (32%ile)
Height: 31.0 inches (25%ile)

She grew! Yay!


  1. Such a great update! And I love that little dress in the last picture. She looks darling in it. How is she doing in Nursery? She is such a big girl. I really need to get down there to visit her soon. She keeps growing way too fast!

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