Monday, October 26, 2009

FAST Enterprises Halloween Party 2009

Last weekend, Michael's work had a Halloween party for all their employees and families, and was it fun! They definitely decorated extravagantly, courtesy of one of their employees whose favorite holiday is Halloween and who just happens to have nothing short of every possible decoration for the holiday!

Michael and I decided to dress up as zombies for this year, and we came up with quite a convoluted story as to how we "died".

I was an escapee from the local prison, a life full of crime behind me. In my journey to flee the area, I happened upon Michael, a young high school football player, and forced him to drive me in that direction. We were driving so hastily and carelessly, per my insistence, that we got in a car accident and he was killed instantly. I, on the other hand, did not die in the accident. Instead, I was unharmed and as a result of my previous life as a convict and now the death of an innocent bystander, was taken straight to the electric chair.

As you can see, our "scary" ensemble.

Michael and his creepy makeup and stare.

We took quite a while in the bathroom to perfect our makeup and hair. So much hairspray and bobby pins were involved on my part to make my hair stand up and look like I had been electrocuted.

There was a donut eating contest and Michael got quite messy during his fight to win. I was so proud.

I think this is my favorite picture from the night. Michael was so hardcore as he played RockBand. He almost turned into a "KISS" lookalike instead of a guitar-playing zombie.

All in all, we had lots of fun, ate lots of good food, and brought home more candy than was good for us!

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