Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Last weekend Michael and I decided we really wanted to carve some pumpkins and our neighbor Amy who lives just below us wanted in on the fun too. So we spent our Saturday night designing and carving these festive masterpieces!

Amy is a science teacher and decided that she wanted to carve the eyes of her pumpkin to match the shape of a particular element. Can't remember which one though...I'll have to get her to remind me :)

Amy's finished product! She liked the fact that her pumpkin had a cool "scar" on the front, so she incorporated it into her design. Looks authentic huh?

Since the pumpkin didn't have a stem on top, Amy decided to be creative and carve a witch hat out of the back for cleaning and candle access. Brilliant idea!

Here is Michael thinking really hard as to how he would execute his design.

My first pumpkin before I cleaned out the insides. Kinda looks like it's "puking" its guts huh?

Michael's finished product, with Frankenstein-esque stitches on the side!

Did I mention that Michael and I couldn't resist buying 4 pumpkins instead of 2 because they were so small? Well, we did buy 4 and, as a result, were able to be a bit more creative with our 2nd designs!

My cute little ghost...

Michael's "slightly" scary tree!

Our nieces and nephews were able to see all the jack-o-lanterns lit on Sunday. They thought it was super cool! I guess we think so too!

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