Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Pioneer Woman Cookbook

I am DYING to get my hands on this cookbook. It comes out on October 27th on Amazon and is already on my wish list. Not only do I really want it for my 22nd birthday, which is on October 26th, but I'm DYING to meet The Pioneer Woman and her beautiful family on November 4th at The King's English Bookshop in Salt Lake City!

Was I subtle enough in my hint that I desperately want and need this in my life?!?


  1. Rebecca!!! I'm so happy you found me. I always wonder who else out there has a blog! I hope you are doinf well. I can't believer you're married now! I love it.

  2. ps- you were smart to leave the dumb swamp which is the south. I can't wait for December. That's when it gets nice (usually)