Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Homemade Fall Decorations

I've decided that in addition the the few fall decorations Michael and I have for our home, I am going to get crafty and create some for fun!

They are super cheap and easy, and I'm excited to fill our home with such festive items!

First, I'm going to make some simple paper strip pumpkins, idea found here.

I think they'll be cute to either hang from the ceiling, or even just to sit on a shelf.

Also, I think these Lollipop Ghosts will be super cute hanging from our ceiling or even our staircase. I remember making these as a child and can't wait to get started. Idea found here.

Although, I may just bypass the lollipop route and use extra tissue paper in its place, but we'll see. Either way, they're going to be cute and they will give our home a Festive Fall Feel. (I love alliteration!)

So, what are some of your ideas and loves for fall crafts and decorations? Anything that you just HAVE to do each year to bring Autumn festivity to your home?

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