Wednesday, September 29, 2010

French Word-of-the-Week

I've decided, as I'm learning French more and more this semester, and I plan to continue learning it in the future, I'm going to fuel my desire to stay abreast of the language by beginning a post series called
French Word-of-the-Week

It's a perfect was to keep me thinking and writing in French. And, it is also a way that Michael can contribute more to the blog, because, he is, after all, fluent in French.

The word I choose each week will reflect something that is personal to me, either being an activity or experience from that current week. I will write about it and give a translation so all will be able to understand and comprehend this new feature of the blog.

And, I will strive to make each post appear on Friday because there is nothing more adorable and cliche' than Français Friday.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. you and Michael might be the only ones reading it who know what its saying, but go for it. :)Scott can understand and speak a little, but not a lot. I know Spanish pretty well, and since they're both latin based I might get a few words here or there... but most likely I'll just smile and say... "Uh... thanks, friend!" :) Happy French Friday posting.

    p.s. question for Michael... Hispanic people call someone who can't speak spanish very well a "Gringo" or "Gringa" Do the French call American's who can't understand them anything (anything that is appropriate for reapeating, that is?) After getting to know Loic very well, I think the French are funny, his wife was delightful, but sometimes I would just be shocked at how blunt they are... entertain us, Oh speakers of French. :)