Monday, October 11, 2010

DownEast Favorites

I love to see what new clothes and styles come into the stores for Fall. As I was browsing DownEast tonight, I noticed these pieces which I just love.

Seems like lighter colors such as whites, creams, and grays are very "in" this season. I'm enjoying the lighter and more airy feel to it all. Course, who doesn't love some nice warm colors too, such as the plum cardi below?

All beautiful I say. So, here's some eye candy for you.

I know I sure am!

Frosted Flowers Cardigan

Infatuation Cardigan

Dozen Roses Top

Sweet Nectar Top

Rosy Cheeks Skirt

Pin Dot Skirt

Now doesn't that just make you feel happy?
Nothing like a little retail therapy to lighten the heart...

1 comment:

  1. I love the new fall line! Thanks for sharing your favorites. I just recently bought a cardigan that looks just like the plum cardigan at the top except that mine is black. I love it. I would seriously wear it every day if I could.